JumpStart Spelling is game released by Knowledge Adventure in 1998. It focuses on teaching spelling skills for ages 5-8. It is a part of the JumpStart Learning Games series.

In this game, CJ must venture through a prehistoric land, the "Lost Words", to save Edison from some cavemen who have mistaken the light he gives off for fire. He is assisted by a small pterodactyl named Perry.


  • CJ
  • Edison
  • Cavemen
  • Perry

Activities and locations

The game primarily consists of two activities, one "main" activity and one review activity, unusually for a JumpStart game.

  • Main activity: CJ has to get through various prehistoric areas. Periodically, he will come across a stone tablet with a spelling puzzle on it. When this happens, it appears on the screen, displaying a word with a missing letter and an example sentence which CJ reads. A pterodactyl then flies across the top of the screen, dropping letters. The user must guide Perry with their mouse to select the necessary letter and put it into place. When this happens, something happens on-screen that enables CJ to progress or overcome an obstacle in his way. Each level takes place in a different location, which are as follows:
    • Jungle Jumble
    • Prehistoric Pond
    • Treetops & Tar Pits
    • Leaping Lava!
    • Fossil Falls
    • Rocky Ridge
    • Crazy Caverns
    • Magma Cave
    • Sandy Steppes
  • Review activity: In-between levels, users must play a review activity in which four dinosaurs hold signs with words on them. CJ will say a word and give an example sentence, and the player must select the correct word. Interestingly, though it is framed as a "spelling" activity, no misspelled words are ever present.