This is a list of songs that are used in JumpStart Toddlers (1996).

JumpStart Toddlers Theme Song

We're the JumpStart Toddlers,

Having fun.

We'd like to welcome everyone.

Come play in our room,

Share our toys,

We're the JumpStart Toddlers,

Girls and boys.

Give the Dog a Bone song

Knick knack, woof woof,

Feed the dog a bone.

Paddy whack, woof woof,

Do it on your own.

Songbook song

Quack! Play with me.

Meow! Sing with me.

We are the animals.


ABC's song


Learn your ABC's with me.

Peek-A-Boo song

Hey, can you find me?

I'm hiding from you.

Let's play a game called peek-a-boo.

Musical Instruments song

Bang on the drum,

Toot your horn,

We're gonna make music

All day long.

Numbers 1 to 10 song

One, two, Buckle my shoe.

Three, Four, Let's count some more.

Bouncing Shapes song

Pick a color,

Pick a shape.

Watch me bounce,

Bouncing's great!

Cat Song

Jst cat song

Kitties are nice, meow, meow.

Kitties love mice, Meow, meow.

I'm a kitty. meow, meow.

Aren't I pretty? Meow, meow.

Cow Song

Jst cow song

I'm a cow, I love you.

When I'm happy I moo, moo, moo.

Drink my milk, and when you're through,

Wiggle my horns and I'll moo, moo, moo.

Crocodile Song

Jst crocodile song

My color is green, happy green!

And I've got a great smile, snappy smile!

My color is green and I got a great smile

I'm a happy, snappy crocodile!

Duck Song

Jst duck song

Quack! I'm a duck

I swim with the fish

My baby ducks go swishy-swish.

I quack in the morning, quack at night,

I'll quack until I get it right


Elephant Song

Jst elephant song

I'm an elephant, I've got elephant eyes

Elephant ears, and big surprise!

When I use my trunk to take an elephant bath,

All the little fishies in the fish pond laugh!

Goat Song

Jst goat song

Hello I'm a billy goat-

A billy goat, a silly goat!

Hello I'm a billy goat

I've got horns on my head and a fuzzy coat!

Horse Song

Jst horse song

Clippety clop, it's a beautiful day.

I'm Henry the Horse and I say Neigh!

Clippety clop, woops! There goes my shoe,

Saddle me up and I'll neigh for you.

Kangaroo Song

Jst kangaroo song

I'm a jumping mama, a jumping kangaroo.

I've got a joey in my pouch, and we'll jump for you.

I'm a hippy hoppy mama, hippy hoppy kangaroo.

I'm happy to be going hippy hoppy for you.

Lion Song

Jst lion song

I'm a lion, a big hungry lion

Sitting beside a tree. Roar!

Along comes a monkey, eating a banana

But I'm still as hungry as can be. Roar!

Pig Song

Jst pig song

I'm piggely-wiggely woo! Oink! Oink!

I'm oinking just for you! Oink! Oink!

I play in the mud, that's what pigs do,

I'm piggely-wiggely woo! Oink! Oink!

Polar Bear Song

Jst polar bear song

I'm a polar bear, brrrrr! White as snow.

My fur keeps me warm, wherever I go.

Tell my friend the penguin and my friend the owl,

To listen real good to my polar bear growl. Growl!

Sheep Song

Jst sheep song

I'm baa-baa sheep I wear a bell.

Baa-baa! I have wool to sell.

I baa-baa up, I baa-baa down.

I baa-baa all around the town. Baa!

Whale Song

Jst whale song

I'm a big blue whale, in the cool deep sea.

All the dolphins love to swim with me.

I'm a big blue whale and you'd better watch out,

When I'm spouting water from my spout.

Zebra Song

Jst zebra song

I'm a zebra, I like to run and play.

When the stars are in the sky, and the moon has something to say.

I'm a zebra, I'm like a horse with stripes - Yikes!

Everybody likes, a funny little zebra with stripes.


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