The Kitchen Hide-n-Seek Game is an activity in JumpStart Languages. Every Pavilion has this activity.

No matter what mode the player is in, he or she will get a globe piece for every time he or she finds four flags. It takes searching by clicking on certain foods, utensils, or appliances in the kitchen, including the refrigerator itself.

Sometimes where the player doesn't find one flag in one game, he or she may find another once a previous flag is found. For example, the player may click the carton of milk when searching for the first flag, but doesn't find it there, but may find it there when searching for the fourth flag.

When the player clicks on a certain object, the Pavilion character says the word (or phrase) in his or her own language. When a flag is found, whichever series-wide character is associated with the character commends the player, ultimately congratulating him or her for every fourth flag, and gives him or her a globe piece.

In creative mode, the player clicks on every object until he or she has found a flag. One flag is hidden in any area no previous one is found in every game.

In challenge mode, the pavilion character tells the player where the flag is. If the player does not know what a certain character is saying (most likely Serafina, Chloe, or Hiroshi), he or she can click on the series-wide character who is associated with that character, and he or she will translate it in English (E.G. If Serafina says, "La bandera está detrás de la pimienta," and the player clicks on Hopsalot, he says, "The flag is behind the pepper."). A boinky sound is made if the player clicks on any object but where the pavilion character says the flag is.

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