The Labyrinth is a location and activity in JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island.

The Fountain of Heath is located here in the center.


The Labyrinth is a twisting maze that the player must navigate through. The player will be cast there if their candle burns out. Each time the player unlocks a new room in Ms. Grunkle's House and confronts her, they will be cast into the Labyrinth. The player can also enter the Labyrinth by choice, by using one of two entrances, one of which is located between the Spider's Web and the Cemetery, and other of which is located between the Cemetery and Madame Pomreeda's Cart.

Once inside the Labyrinth, the player must find their way out to return to the island. By clicking on the map icon on the toolbar while in the Labyrinth, the player can bring up a map which shows the Labyrinth's layout.

Located in the center of the labyrinth is the "Fountain of Health", which is a large circular fountain with two fish statues and a stone tablet with a candle on it. At the fountain, the player must answer multiple-choice math word problems that have the same appearance and format as Repsac's riddles. Answering the questions correctly will cause the candle to relight and, eventually, grow back to its original size. It isn't possible to use the difficulty levels icon while in the Labyrinth, so the difficulty of the questions can't be chosen.

It is also possible to encounter Repsac while in the Labyrinth, and as per usual, he will demand that the player answer a riddle.

Repsac's riddles and the Fountain of Health questions are the only educational part of the activity.

Digital manual description

4h labyrinth manual

Digital manual image

Is your candle burning a bit low? Don't let it run out or you'll be warped to the center of the Labyrinth to match odds in a game of knowledge and wit at the Health Fountain. If you want to get there before your fate flickers out, look for the entrances to the Labyrinth along the paths from the Spider's Web to the Cemetery, and from the Cemetery to Pomreeda's cart.

While inside the labyrinth, you can click on the scroll to get an overhead view of the menacing maze.



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JumpStart 4th Grade - Labyrinth

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