Laurel is a female elf character who appears in JumpStart Magic & Mythies.


Laurel has aqua blue skin, light purple eyes, and pink lips. Her hair is dark blue with white speckles, and is parted into two conical sections. She has pointed ears and two light purple insect-like antenna sticking out of head. She wears red-rimmed glasses, a sleeveless dress that fades from light purple at the top to blue at the bottom, and blue and purple bracelets.

Personality and Characteristics

Laurel is very intelligent and knowledgeable. Her hobbies include researching, making discoveries, and writing papers. Sometimes she ends up getting so absorbed in her work that she becomes secluded from others. Holly likes to get Laurel to interact with the other elves more.

Laurel possesses the element of water, and her hometown is Aquaria. She has a Mythie named Triton.

Asher has a crush on Laurel, which she is oblivious to.


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