Songs are listed by the media that they appear in.

JumpStart Kindergarten (1994)

Title Original JumpStart Song
or Adaptation
ABC in Harmony Adaptation
Doing What the Animals Do Original
Monkeys Playing Everywhere Original
The Mud Song Original
Anatomy Original

JumpStart 1st Grade (1995)

Title Original JumpStart Song
or Adaptation
JumpStart First Grade Original
1st94 theme
Zero is Nothing Original
1st94 zero song
My Week at Sea Original
1st94 sea song
If You Were My Friend Original
1st94 friend song
Vegetable ABCs Original
1st94 veggie song
Reading is Fun Original
1st94 reading song
Frankie's Theme Song Original
1st94 frankie theme
Mrs. Flores' Theme Song Original
1st94 flores song
Ms. Pickles' Theme Song Original
1st94 pickle song

JumpStart Preschool (1995)

Title Original JumpStart Song
or Adaptation
Welcome to JumpStart Preschool Original
Pre95 theme song
Seven Days of the Week Original
Pre95 days of the week song
The Alphabet Thing Original
Pre95 the alphabet thing
Numbers Song Original
Seasons Song Original
Pre95 seasons song
Winter Song Original
Pre95 winter song
Spring Song Original
Pre95 spring song
Summer Song Original
Pre95 summer song
Fall Song Original
Pre95 fall song
Shapes Song Original
ABCs Song Adaptation
"Wheels on the Bus" Song Adaptation
"Rock around the Clock" Song Adaptation
Jellybean Jive Original
Shirley and Nate Original
Still Hungry Original
Sam the Snake Original

JumpStart 2nd Grade (1996)

Title Original JumpStart Song
or Adaptation
We're Gonna JumpStart 2nd Grade Original
2G jumpstart 2nd grade theme
It's a Noun Original
2G noun song
A Goat in My Room Original
2G verb song
Panama Parrot Original
2G panama parrot
Science Original
2G science song
Caterpillar Blues Original
2G caterpillar blues
Shoo Fly Adaptation
Marching Band Original
Jumpin' Rope Original
2G jumping rope
Yankee Doodle Adaptation
Melody and Harmony Original
The Cave Original
The Race Original
La Cucaracha Adaptation
Pen Pal Original
2G pen pal song
I'm Gonna Recycle Original
2G im gonna recycle
Ballgame Adaptation

JumpStart Toddlers (1996)

JumpStart Reading for Kindergartners (1996)

JumpStart Math for Second Graders (1997)

JumpStart Reading for Second Graders (1998)

JumpStart Kindergarten (1998)

JumpStart Baby (1998)

JumpStart Preschool (1999)

JumpStart Phonics (1999)

JumpStart Toddlers (2000)

JumpStart 1st Grade (2000)

JumpStart Around the World (2000)

JumpStart Artist (2000)

JumpStart Explorers (2001)

JumpStart Advanced Preschool: Fundamentals (2002)

JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten: Fundamentals (2002)