Look Around You (JumpStart Sing-Along Time)01:27

Look Around You (JumpStart Sing-Along Time)

Look Around You is a song that appears in JumpStart Sing-Along Time.


"Look Around You" is one of the song sequences that the player can watch. It uses the tune of "Hush, Little Baby" with original lyrics. The song is designed to teach about shapes and colors.


Look around the world today
As you eat, and run, and play.
If you look quite carefully,
Shapes and colors you will see.

You can build the world from shapes
Circles make a bunch of grapes.
Look through this window; it's a Square.
Triangle roofs are everywhere.

All the world needs color, too.
Start with yellow, red, and blue.
Add some purple, orange, and green
Now we have a rainbow scene!

Song Credits

Words by Diana Pray and Tom Zehnder

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