Lucy is a female frog character who appeared in JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade: Fundamentals.


Lucy has green skin and pink lips. When she is not in disguise, she wears a tan trench coat over a pale blue shirt, a purple cap, gray boots, and dark olive green sunglasses.

In the Game

Lucy works as an agent in different locations around the world. She has several aliases, each of which has a different outfit, accent, and personality. Her aliases are as follows:

  • Miss Lucy - American agent
    • Appearance: Bushy orange hair in a flip hairstyle, a magenta trench coat, purple heels, gold necklace and earrings, and purple sunglasses with pink rims
    • Personality: Casual and cheerful
    • Cover Job: Music shop owner
  • Lucita - Brazilian agent
    • Appearance: Curly orange hair, a gray trench coat over a yellow shirt, brown boots, light brown gloves, a yellow firefighter's hat, and gray sunglasses with light yellow rims
    • Personality: Buisness-like
    • Cover Job: Firefighter
  • Lucyanette - French agent
    • Appearance: Bushy orange hair, a pink bandanna on her head, a gold tench coat over a white shirt, white sneakers, yellow gloves, a light pink scarf, and gray sunglasses with light yellow rims
    • Personality: Wistful
    • Cover Job: Louvre custodian
  • Lucyanova - Russian agent
    • Appearance: Short straight orange hair, a gray trench coat, a gray ushanka hat, dark gray boots and gloves, gray sunglasses with red rims
    • Personality: Competitive and proud
    • Cover Job: Police officer
  • Lucitia - African agent
    • Appearance: Curly orange hair in a ponytail held with a purple hairband, a brown trench coat over a purple shirt, light brown boots, purple sunglasses with light pink rims.
    • Personality: Calm
    • Cover Job: Librarian
  • Brucy - Australian agent
    • Appearance: Shaggy orange hair, a light tan sunhat, a light brown trench coat over a pale blue shirt, gray boots, black sunglasses with blue rims
    • Personality: Spunky
    • Cover Job: Mail carrier
  • Dr. Lucicle - Antarctic agent
    • Appearance: Frizzy orange hair, a white trench coat over a pale blue shirt, white boots, a blue stethoscope, a head mirror, dark green sunglasses with white rims
    • Personality: Somewhat pessimistic
    • Cover Job: Doctor

Voice Samples

2ad lucy voice
From: JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade
Voice Credit: Kath Souci