Madame Pomreeda is a female human character who appears exclusively in JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island.


Madame Pomreeda wears a blue cloak with yellow stars and crescent moons down the front, and a light cream-colored shirt underneath it. She wears a cream-colored shawl around her head and neck. She also wears a blue hat with a veil that opens and closes like a curtain.


Madame Pomreeda has a calm and mysterious demeanor. She is sympathetic towards the kids who have been turned into monsters by Ms. Grunkle, and is determined to help the player restore them. According to Flap, Madame Pomreeda has a "rotten sense of humor," considering the bugs in the Spider's Web activity to be cute.

In the Games

JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island (1996)

Madame Pomreeda is a fortune teller who resides in a circus carriage at the end of the island opposite of Ms. Grunkle's house. For each quest, Madame Pomreeda gives the player four cards, each of which contains two challenges. The player must complete all of the challenges to collect possessions belonging to the kids. After the player has finished the challenges, Madame Pomreeda will use the collected objects to determine what the child's true personality is and recite a poem aloud to change the kid back.

The player can visit Madame Pomreeda at any time by clicking on the crystal ball icon in the toolbar.

Voice Samples

4h pomreeda voice
From: JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island
Voice Credit: Jeannie Elias


  • "Oh, I'm so glad you've come. I've been expecting you. The children certainly need your help. Can you believe that dreadful Ms. Grunkle had turned those sweet, innocent children into monsters by depriving them of their favorite possessions? Didn't need a crystal ball to see that one was trouble. Fortunately, I've found some magic cards that will help us bring them back. Each card descrives a mission, Ms Grunkle has hidden 4 of the Children's most prized possessions all around the island when you complete a mission a card will display one of these objects return here to get another card to begin a new mission. When the child's possession is completely restored he/she will be a monster no more, let us begin."

When Summoning the Crystal Ball

  • "Dear crystal, dear ball, don't stop till you show us all."
  • "Eye of Newt Strand of Kelp show us the kid that needs our help."
  • "Hocus Pocus Ivy Crocus Bring the next kid into Focus."

When reading Crystal ball (Kid is a monster)

  1. (Wolfgang)"Oh Dear! A tragic case, Wolfgang loved his music solos! Now that Ms. Grunkle deprived him of it, He's become quite a hairy werewolf. You must restore him, Let's see the cards."
  2. (Violet P.Casso)"My, oh my a medusa! Without her artistry Violet has become a piece of work herself, do help her out. Pick a card."
  3. (Albert Brayne)"Oh! quite a headache this one, Poor Albert we always knew he was a brain but this is too much. You must help him let's see the cards."
  4. (Tiffany)"Oh, Goodness! well they say beauty is only skin deep unless they lie, poor Tiffany deprived of her crown and sceptre turns from beauty into a beast. pull out a card to reverse this terrible fate."
  5. (Calvin) "Dear me! Looks like our class clown is smiling no more, dear boy do help bring him back select a card."
  6. (Joe) "Heavens! Quite the linebacker this one, poor Joe loved his sports now he's more fit for a circus you must restore him, here are the cards."
  7. (Laura Fizz) "Oh! well I guess 2 heads are not always better than one, our poor class president Laura her fate is in the cards Pick one."
  8. (Stanley ZeBluckey) "Dearest Stanley, being a monster hasn't helped his schoolwork at least, do help change this ghoul back to our lovable dunce, do select a card."
  9. (Zev Cosmo) "Oh My, Another tragedy! Poor Zev Cosmo loved her science experiments, so she looks like one choose a card to reverse this nasty spell."
  10. (Jane Playne) "Goodness, Our poor little Jane is no longer plain, do help change her back Let's see the cards."
  11. (James) "Poor James deprived of his butler abilities, he has transformed into a gruesome penguin, select a card to reverse this horrible tragedy."
  12. (Debbie Dodson) "Oh Dear Debbie what a tragic case, she loved her tire so much that Grunkle turned her into one, do help turn her back. select a card"
  13. (Penny Scilin) "Egads, The worst of them all! Poor Penny Scilin she has become one of her favourite medical tools, you must restore her let's see the cards"

When the cards are summoned (All Kids)

  • "Pick a Card, Any Card"
  • "Pick a card to see where your mission begins"
  • "Choose a Card to start your mission"
  • "Choose a card it will tell you where your mission begins"
  • "Eeny meeny miny moe catch a lizard by the toe if it hollers make it stop eeny meeny miny mop go on pick a card"

When an Object is found

  • "Oh, I'm so glad the fates chose you. With your brains and my brawn, we'll have those kids back in no time."

When all the spells on all the kids are broken

  • "It's time for you to take on Ms. Grunkle, now go to her house it's on the other side of the island"

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Wolfgang)

  1. "Dear Wolfgang: With your help he'll be harmonious again in no time, pick another card."
  2. "The crystal ball never lies, Wolfgang is in much better spirits now, please select another card."
  3. "Oh close we're very close complete this challenge and Wolfgang will no longer be fated to another unfinished symphony, Choose a card to start your mission.
  4. "A Violin, A Harp, A Flute, A Metronome. Hmm... A Virtual Symphony of clues. No Doubt this werewolf is really a musician. Well I am sure my spellbook contains the right notes to create some beautiful harmony."

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Violet P. Casso)

  1. "Roses are red Violets are blue Please pick a card or you will be too."
  2. "The picture is becoming clearer, go on, pick another card."
  3. "Great artists are made not born, help Violet with this one last challenge She'll live to paint again"
  4. "Paintbox, A Pallette, Frame, Easel, Hmm... I can draw but one conclusion, hidden in the scary head of Medusa I can see the picture of a true artist well when it comes to undoing spells I am an artist too."

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Albert Brayne)

  1. "There's One problem solved, choose another card."
  2. "Hmm...the challenges have multiplied. go on, pick another card."
  3. "Ahhh Albert, As in Einstien one last card and his genius will be saved."
  4. "A Compass, A Calculator, An abacus, a pair of glasses. Hmm... I Compute this gooey brain creature is really a math genius, well I'm sure my spellbook has his number, let me see hmm...Ah yes the perfect formula."

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Tiffany)

  1. "Tiffany admires your grace, draw another card, and perhaps she'll reveal a beauty secret"
  2. "Congratulations, draw another card and Tiffany will live to compete again"
  3. "You're so close,Tiffany's careening for her walk down the runway, choose another card to complete the challenge".
  4. "A Monarch's crown, a priceless necklace, a lush bouquet and a royal sceptre, hmm...from the looks of these this ugly warthog was once a beauty queen. oh well this was going take a more than a little lipstick and eyeshadow."

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Calvin)

  1. "Even Calvin doesn't think this is funny, please pick a card to save him"
  2. "Ah Grunkle got the worst sense of humor, draw another card to save Calvin from her rotten jokes"
  3. "Almost done, pick a card to save Calvin and maybe he'll do his lampshade trick"
  4. "A flower that squirts, a nose that's fake, clown shoes, clown hat, Now we're ready to send the killer clown from outer space back to a circus cage on his own funny planet, yes, of course, this spell will bring a smile to my face"

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Joe)

  1. "You Shoot, You Score, go on Pick another card"
  2. "Joe's even closer to the end zone, Help him make the touchdown by choosing another card"
  3. "You've grounded her (Ms Grunkle in this case), Pick another card to bring Joe home"
  4. "Football, Weights, Hmm...Baseball hat, soccer ball, now I do believe I know the score. The gorilla beast is really our star athlete. Hmm... I think I know just the spell to end the little monster's little game"

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Laura Fizz)

  1. "You're a Leader, just like Laura pick another card"
  2. "Excellent, you have been promoted to vice president, draw another card"
  3. "Ah thank goodness, our president can run for reelection select another card to complete the challenge"
  4. A pen, a phone, a briefcase, a bank, Hmm... I must offer my expert opinion the girl behind this vampire was truly born to lead my vote says this spell will be a landslide winner

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Stanley ZeBluckey)

  1. "It's the principal's office all over again, Save Zebluckey by drawing another card"
  2. "Oh this is worse than a D in Math, Pick another card"
  3. "There may be hope yet, draw the last card to save Stanley from permanent dunce-dom"
  4. "Messy homework sheet, Slingshot, ooh Bad report card, Dunce Cap, Oh my! It seems that in the past this Frankenstien was a little slow in his studies. Good thing I have done my homework."

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Zev Cosmo)

  1. "Congratulations Zev might just live to validate another theory, go on pick another card"
  2. "Terrific you took a scientific approach, now choose another card"
  3. "Excellent result, Pick a card to finish the experiment"
  4. "Hmm... A Microscope, a telescope too, a test tube for experiments and a toad, oh! After studying these specimens I conclude that miss Hyde is actually a scientist. Well, no problem I am sure that I have experimented with such a spell before."

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Jane Playne)

  1. "Help, Jane's blamed herself for this mess, pick a card to rescue her."
  2. "She can't be doomed to be alone forever, draw a card to save Jane."
  3. "You're almost there, complete the challenge and she might just make a friend or two"
  4. "Band-aids, ooh...a Lunch box, teddy bear, Jacks. Ahh... I can tell this was once a shy young girl, Aha here's the perfect spell to send Raggedy Anne back to her haunted dollhouse and then lock the door.

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (James)

  1. "Good old James, So trustworthy so loyal, please pick a card before it's too late"
  2. "He served us all so well, it's just not fair, please choose a card and save James"
  3. "Gentleman's Agreement after you, Pick a card"
  4. "Silver tray, lint brush, apple, hat, Well after considering these items I surmise that this must really be a person of taste and refinement with a goal of serving well, here's a spell that would be exactly right and proper"

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Debbie Dodson)

  1. "Don't let this be Debbie's last tune up, Go on choose a card."
  2. "She can rebuild an engine, but she can't escape Grunkle on her own pick a card to save Debbie"
  3. "Free Debbie and Ill bet she'll offer to change your oil"
  4. "Wrench, Can of oil, spark plugs, Spare tire, Hmm.. only an aspiring auto-mechanic would need such equipment, a mechanic is not the only person who can fix things. I am sure that this spell will repair all the damage that's been done."

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after mission (Penny Scilin)

  1. "Congratulations, Now take 2 asprins and draw a card"
  2. "I told you this didn't hurt a bit, draw another card"
  3. "Excellent, One More Challenge and Penny will be ready for discharge"
  4. "A Stethoscope, Head mirror, Asprin, Ooh..Thermometer, Hmm... My Diagnosis is that the patient wants to be a doctor, Well I could prescribe a spell that could leave her healthy in no time."

When the player contacts Madame Pomreeda after all the kids are saved

  • "It's time for you to take on Ms. Grunkle and rescue the children, Now Head to her house It's on the other side of the Island."




  • Madame Pomreeda's name is a play on 'palm reader'.
  • In the finale, the crystal ball and the carriage become locked and can't be used anymore.
  • Madame Pomreeda's quest cards have a different set of objects around the edges for each kid. The objects reflect each kid's personality.
  • Madame Pomreeda is most likely enemies with Ms. Grunkle, since Ms. Grunkle mentions Madame Pomreeda being responsible for the player acquiring her wand.