4h pomreeda cart

Madame Pomreeda's Cart is a location in JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island.


Madame Pomreeda's cart resembles a small wooden caravan. The sides are painted pink with yellow decorative designs and Madame Pomreeda's name in white lettering. There are steps leading up to the door, which has a blue crescent moon and star on it. Above the door, there is a round white light that resembles a crystal ball.

In the Game

Madame Pomreeda's cart is located atop a hill at one end of the Haunted Island opposite Ms. Grunkle's House. After the player has signed in, they will always start off at this location. Madame Pomreeda resides here, and the player must visit her to receive quests for rescuing their classmates delivered via Challenge Cards. Once the player has saved their classmates, they can't enter Madame Pomreeda's cart any longer.


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