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MarineLand is a location that appears primarily in the JumpStart online game.

Appearance and Characteristics

MarineLand is entirely underwater. It is inhabited by many sea creatures.

In the Games

JumpStart (online game)

MarineLand is intended for ages 5-8. Here, players can swim and explore the undersea environment and stop Punk-Punks from causing trouble.

JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island

The underwater area is similar to MarineLand. It features five activities/locations, Manta Ray, Fashion Show (Trendy Tides), Pearl Push, Bubble Trouble, and Secret Caverns.


  • Kat - A cat-like mermaid. Bears a strong resemblance to Val.
  • Jean Claude - A friendly sea serpent.
  • Cappy
  • Isabella - A raccoon who runs a traveling cart with all sorts of purchasable goods.

Locations within MarineLand

  • The Kelp Forest
  • Rubble Ruins
  • Merllywood
  • Ship Wreck Reef
  • Trendy Tides


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