Math Marbles is an activity in JumpStart 1st Grade. It is accessed by clicking on a pair of kids on the playground, and it is designed to teach math skills for first graders.


A set of marbles with numbers on them are arranged to form an equation. The player starts out with a false equation, and he or she must knock out the marbles in the answer that make the equation false.

The player controls a hand holding a green marble by moving the mouse left or right. When the hand is lined up with a marble in the equation that the player wants to remove, the player clicks to release the green marble and knock out the marble from the equation. If the player knocks out the wrong marbles from an equation, Frankie will tell the player what the correct answer to the equation was, and the player will start over with a new equation.

Once the equation is true, the player gets to keep the marbles from the answer part of the equation. The marbles that the player collects appear in a brown case. The player wins when they have collected enough marbles to fill the case.

Difficulty level differences

  • Level one: The player must collect five marbles to win, and will receive five math points upon completion.
  • Level two: The player must collect ten marbles to win, and will receive ten math points upon completion.
  • Level three: The player must collect ten marbles to win, and will receive fifteen math points upon completion.

Digital manual description

How well do you know math? Play the Math Marble Game to find out. You'll see a math problem and you pick the right answer.

Create the right answer by knocking away marbles that make the answer wrong.

Click on the hand and slide it left and right. Click again to shoot.

Sometimes you'll need to be extra smart to get the correct answer. For example, 2+2=4; but so does 3+1. So, if you see these marbles: 2+2 = 3, 1, 4, you could either knock away the number 4, or both the 3 and the 1, to get the correct answer.

If you get the right answer, you get a marble. Once you've collected five marbles, you advance to the next level!

To return to the playground, click on the Red Arrow in the upper, left corner.

To make this game harder or easier, click on the gauge in the upper, left corner.

To see how close you are to earning another milk cap, click on the picture of the Milk Cap Mouse in the upper, left corner of the screen.

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