McCloud is a male bird character who appeared exclusively in JumpStart Reading for Second Graders


McCloud appears to be a penguin. He wears a black tuxedo, and a red bow tie. He has yellow feet and a yellow beak. In some of game's cutscenes, he appears to have gray irises. He speaks with an English accent.


McCloud is rather stuffy. He fusses over cleanliness and is extremely cautious about impostors, so much so that he changes the locks on CJ's door every time CJ goes out. When CJ returns, McCloud won't believe that he is the real CJ even after seeing him with his own eyes and will insist that CJ must solve riddles to prove his identity.

McCloud and Edison don't get along well, since they get on each other's nerves. CJ is on much better terms with McCloud, and although he shows exasperation at McCloud's fussiness, he clearly cares for McCloud's well-being.

In the Games

JumpStart Reading for Second Graders

McCloud is CJ's butler. He is always present at Frog Manor, and tries to keep it as clean as possible. He appears in the Front Door to Stately Frog Manor activity, where he challenges CJ to solve several riddles to unlock the door to Frog Manor. After CJ and Edison recover the first diamond, they set it and the tablet piece on the table, causing McCloud to lament how he just cleaned that spot. McCloud puts the diamond into the hole in the tablet while attempting to tidy up, inadvertently summoning the first elder of Ursulab.

During the game's epilogue, Dr. Listick kidnaps McCloud and holds him ransom. CJ is forced to give up the jewels and the tablet piece that he had acquired to find the lost city Ursulab in return for McCloud.

Voice Samples

2r mccloud voice
From: JumpStart Reading for Second Graders
Voice Credit: Michael Gough?