Monty Monitor is an artificial intelligence in a monitor-like body who appears exclusively in JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain. He is built into the Wheel of Invention exercise that guards the Time Machine. Botley says the Wheel of Invention was built to prevent robots from traveling back in time to taunt the early computers.


Monty Monitor consists primarily of a screen with a red frame. The screen is not exactly rectangular, as the top side slants downward. A pair of mechanical eyes are attached to the upper-left corner of the screen's frame with metal eye stalks. The bottom side of the frame contains what appears to be a large purple bow tie in the center. A grey-lipped mouth is on the center of the bow tie.

Personality and characteristics

Monty Monitor has a game-show host persona. He has extensive knowledge about a wide variety of subjects.


  • It is stated by Botley that the Wheel of Invention did not always have a "Pollywood Squares" game-show theme, but that this was added by Polly. It is unclear what this means for Monty Monitor and his game-show host persona.

In the Game

Monty Monitor appears in the Wheel of Invention activity.