2ad mount jumpmore clean

Mount Jumpmore in JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade

Mount Jumpmore is a location in JumpStartville.


Mount Jumpmore is based on the American landmark Mount Rushmore. It is a large rock sculpture carved into the side of a cliff with the faces of four JumpStart characters.

In the Games

JumpStart Phonics Learning System

Mount Jumpmore was originally depicted as a location within Camp Readalot. It could be seen during the River Raft activity. In this game, Mount Jumpmore has the faces of Eleanor, Pierre, Kisha, and Cecil.

2ad mount jumpmore graffiti 2

Mount Jumpmore covered in graffiti

JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade: Fundamentals

The first mission in the game involves cleaning Dr. O's graffiti off of Mount Jumpmore. Hopsalot creates an invention called the Soapy Shooter to clean up Mount Jumpmore. After CJ, Edison, and the player collect all the necessary gadget pieces for the invention, the Soapy Shooter successfully sprays the graffiti off of Mount Jumpmore. In this game, Mount Jumpmore has the faces of Frankie, Casey, Kisha, and Eleanor.

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