Mr. Cartwright, also known as the museum curator, is a male human character who appears in JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade: Mystery Club Vol. 1.


Mr. Cartwright has pale skin and wide eyes with small pupils. Initially he appears to have orange hair, but in the witness game, it's brown. He wears a purple vest over a light-cream shirt with a green bow tie, dark green pants, and brown shoes.


Mr. Cartwright is nervous and high-strung.

In the Game

Mr. Cartwright appears in the fourth case, "The Closed Case". When you play the witness game, this is what he likes:

  • Food: Muffin, Pizza, Ice cream
  • Drink: Water, Tea
  • Conversation type: Calm them down


  • "Water, can't get enough of the stuff, I'm always dehydrated."
  • "Ice cream! Yes, please. I do enjoy all the comfort foods, you know."
  • "Thank you for understanding. It's hard being so high-strung."


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