Mrs. Flores is a female human character who appeared in JumpStart 1st Grade (1995).


Mrs. Flores has bushy brown hair. She wears a sweater that is orange (or sometimes red) and two yellow flower earrings.


Mrs. Flores is calm, helpful, and smart.

In the Game

Mrs. Flores is the homeroom teacher. She is always present at her desk in the homeroom classroom. She also appears in three activities: Reading is Fun-damental, The Milk Cap Game, and Field Trips. In Reading is Fun-damental, she sometimes appears at the end of a story to ask a reading comprehension question. In The Milk Cap Game, she appears when the player is answering questions for points. In Field Trips, she appears a few times during the bus ride, driving a truck that has questions on it.

Voice Samples

1c ms flores voice
From: JumpStart 1st Grade (1995)
Voice Credit: Glynnis Campbell


  • "Click there to go back. Click there to throw your picture away. Click there to save your picture."
  • "Click there to stop printing."
  • "This game is now at level [number]. Click there to make this game easier. Click there to leave this game the same. Click there to make this game harder."
  • "The game is already as easy/hard as it can be."



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