Ms. Winkle is Polly's schoolteacher in JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain.


Ms. Winkle's appearance is radically different in a screenshot used on the game's original box and in the user's guide, compared to the actual game. There she is depicted as a middle-aged Caucasian woman, whereas she is considerably younger and black in the actual program. This has since been corrected on newer versions of the program's box.

Personality and characteristics

Ms. Winkle speaks in a rather high-pitched voice and seems to get a bit over-enthused about what she's teaching.

In the Games

JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain (1996)

Ms. Winkle teaches in a Googie version of a traditional schoolhouse, which is located on a hill near Mystery Mountain. There, she uses a device called the TransQuizzer to record her tests. Ms. Winkle is apparently not married since Polly sometimes refers to her as "Miss Winkle," although "Ms. Winkle" is more commonly used.

JumpStart Typing (1997)

Ms. Winkle has a cameo appearance.


  • Coincidentally, Ms. Winkle shares her name with a character from another educational software product, Ms. Winkle's Class, released in 1994 by Abudoe Software.

Voice Samples

3G ms winkle voice
From: JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain
Voice Credit: Jeannie Elias

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