My Week at Sea is a song that appears in JumpStart 1st Grade (1995).


My Week at the Sea teaches the days of the week. The player can listen to this song by clicking on the radio (either in the homeroom classroom or at the beach).


1st94 sea song


It was a Sunday

When my boat set sail for the islands

And by Monday

I was far out on the open sea

But on Tuesday

The wind was suddenly silent

Then on Wednesday

Something strange happened to me

Fish began dancing

Dolphins were prancing

Tuna swayed to and fro

The whales sang a song

And the seagulls clapped along

In the ocean, they put on a show

It was amazing!


So on Thursday

I turned my boat toward the mainland

And by Friday

I was back out on the open sea

Then on Saturday

I was home, but never the same man, no

'Cause what happened there

Was so fantastic to me

Song Credits

My Week at Sea is an original JumpStart song with lyrics and music by Mark Beckwith, and arrangements by Bob Selvin.

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