Four kinds of Mythies, clockwise from top left: Gryphons, Dragons, Hornhowlies, and Pegasi

Mythies are magical creatures that appear in the modern JumpStart series.


Mythies start out as eggs. When an egg hatches, the player starts caring for an Eggling. Typically, the player can choose a name for the Eggling by selecting two words from preset lists.

To care for an Eggling, the player needs to raise the happiness and energy meters by choosing the 'tickle' and 'dance' options. When the Eggling is ready to hatch, the player takes it to the Eggulator.

In the Eggulator, the player can paint the Eggling's shell. The colors chosen will affect which colors the Mythie has when it hatches.

After an Eggling hatches in the Eggulator, it becomes a Mythie.

In Games

JumpStart (online game)

Mythies appear in the Enchanted Sanctuary. Ivy the fairy instructs the player on how to care for Mythies.

JumpStart Magic & Mythies

Mythies play a much larger role in this game than the JumpStart online game, as the player is required to have a Mythie in order to complete certain quests. Mythies appear in the Mythie Grotto. When the player first arrives there, they will take a personality test in order to gauge which Mythie seems best suited for them. This is only a recommendation, and the player is free to pick any Mythie they like after the test.

Each of the elves, excluding Laurel, have a Mythie of their own. Asher has a BrightMare named Dawn, Cypress has a StingWing named Blade, Holly has a LavaPup named Ember, Rowan has a HornHowlie named Rocky, and Willow has a WindWhipper named Flora.

Some of the Mythies in this game also appeared in the JumpStart online game, but have different names.

JumpStart Junior

The player raises and cares for Mythies in Mythie Meadows. In this game, the name of the player's Mythie is automatically selected for them. The player is able to purchase toys and accessories for their Mythie.


  • Dragon (also known as a LavaPup in Magic & Mythies)
  • Pegasus (also known as a BrightMare in Magic & Mythies)
  • Hornhowlie
  • Gryphon (also known as a WindWhipper in Magic & Mythies)
  • StingWing (Magic & Mythies exclusive)
  • PrickePaw (Magic & Mythies exclusive, introduced November 25, 2015[1])
  • HolloWing (Magic & Mythies exclusive, available only for a limited time during 2015)
  • HydroSaur (Magic & Mythies exclusive, introduced January 15, 2016[2])
  • PyroHawk (Magic & Mythies exclusive, introduced February 19, 2016[3])
  • JigPig (Magic & Mythies exclusive, introduced March 29, 2016[4])

Voltage Dragons


A Voltage Dragon

Voltage Dragons are a very rare species of dragon that do not appear in the Enchanted Sanctuary, but which are a part of special events. They provide energy which powers the lands and FunZones of the JumpStart world[5]. In these events, the Voltage Dragons are usually threatened by Tangorra and S.P.L.A.T. must come to their rescue.


  • The Hornhowlie is based on a sketch that won a contest held by JumpStart.[6]
  • The StingWing is based on a mythical creature called a manticore.[7]




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