New Orleans Flea Circus Piano is an activity in JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade: Fundamentals. It is designed to teach music skills at a second grade level. It it accessed by clicking on the carnival tent at New Orleans.


The player must help a group of fleas complete musical pieces for their concert. A series of musical notes is displayed on a board, and each note makes a sound. There is one musical note that is missing, and the player must listen to how it sounds, and find the correct musical note. Different musical notes will scroll by, and the player must press the spacebar when the correct musical note appears. The player receives a gadget piece after completing five pieces of music.

There is also another mode where the player can freely create their own music. He or she can select from five different instrument types: Cuban, House, Synth, Piano, and Organ. The player has the option to record and save tracks, and load saved tracks.

Digital manual description

FleaCircusPiano manual

Digital manual image

Game Play Instructions

You, CJ and Edison are in the jazzy town of New Orleans, and the agent needs your help once again. Before she can give you the gadget piece, you must help the fleas complete their musical pieces before their big concert! CJ needs you to help find the missing notes in the musical pieces and put them in the correct places in the musical scores! When you have done so, the agent will give you the all-important gadget piece! As the notes scroll by, use the spacebar to select the correct note.

Educational Skills

  • Pitch
  • Duration

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