The Outdoor Adventure Game is an activity in JumpStart Languages. It is selected when the player clicks on the back door in any pavilion.

Before any game is started, whichever character is associated with a pavilion character tells the player to choose "One Player" or "Two Players." Selecting "One Player" means playing against Frankie at the English Pavilion, Hopsalot at the Spanish Pavilion, Pierre at the French Pavilion, or Kisha at the Japanese Pavilion. "Two Players" means playing against a real-life friend or family member.

Frankie, Hopsalot, Pierre, and Kisha are always Player 2 when "One Player" is selected.

The players are represented by two anthropomorphic cat travelers with identically-shaped hairstyles and clothing, but player one is a light gray cat with darker gray stripes black hair, dressed in blue, while player two is a golden cat with darker golden brown stripes, light brown hair, and red clothing.

Challenge mode turns off the picture in the well.

The player's choice of animal (a dog, cat, or bird) shows up. When Frankie, Hopsalot, Pierre, or Kisha mentions it, he or she asks his or her respective pavilion counterpart how to say the word in his or her language, except that because Roxy and Frankie both speak English, Frankie asks Roxy how she says "baby dog" or "baby cat," and her answer is "a puppy" or "a kitty," respectively. However, she still says, "a bird" if that animal was chosen in advance.

The landmarks are the Statue of Liberty for the English Pavilion, the Mayan Temple for the Spanish one, the Eiffel Tower for the French one, or Mt. Fuji for the Japanese one.

Whenever it is a certain player's turn to move, he or she must click on the well. Whichever stone is displayed on the well, the player must get to the nearest stepping stone that matches it. The only time a player can go back or skip is if a unique stepping stone is the one displayed. If the nearest of a selected stepping stone is behind the player, that player can't move.

Whichever player gets to the stepping stone that is nearest to the respective landmark wins the game.

The player always gets a globe piece whether he or she wins the game or not.

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