Pen Pal is a song in JumpStart 2nd Grade.


"Pen Pal" is one of the songs in the Jukebox activity, where it costs $1.32 to listen to. A shortened version of the song plays when the player visits the Clubhouse for the first time during a game session, which only contains the lines "Clubhouse, our secret clubhouse, this is where we have adventures and learn along the way".

The song teaches some names of states in the US and some facts about them.


2G pen pal song


Clubhouse, our secret clubhouse

This is where we write letters and send them on their way

Pen pal, we're making a pen pal

We're making a friend with someone who lives far away

Maybe someone who lives in a place called "Maine"

Or a Washington state with the trees in the rain

Maybe someone in Georgia on a peanut farm

Or in California where the sun is warm

And you can be a pen pal too

Pen pal, who'll be my pen pal?

Who'll be the one to write a letter to today?

Maybe someone in Utah by the great Salt Lake

Or in Michigan where all the cars they make

Maybe someone in Texas by an oil well

Or in Pennsylvania near the Liberty Bell

And you can be a pen pal too

Someone on the island of Hawaii

Or in Colorado where we like to ski

Someone in Nebraska where the corn stalks grow

Or maybe somebody in Ohio

And you can be a pen pal too

Clubhouse, our secret clubhouse

Pen pal, we're making a pen pal

And you can be a pen pal too

Song Credits

Original Children's Music: Mark Beckwith

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