Pinca is a female chinchilla character who appears in JumpStart Explorers.


Pinca is a somewhat chubby chinchilla with light gray fur and a medium-long, fluffy tail. She has three thick eyelashes on each eye and pink lips. She wears a red-orange robe, a colorful dress with a black, white, yellow, and red checker pattern on the upper half and a purple skirt as the bottom, and blue sandals.

In the Game

Ex llama 2

Pinca's llama in the Load the Llama activity

Pinca is an Inca villager. Her job is to take care of the llamas. She also transports various goods to the village with the llamas. She teaches the player how to do the Load the Llama activity.


  • Unlike the majority of the other characters in JumpStart Explorers, Pinca doesn't seem to be based on any particular historical figure.

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