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Play Dragonfly Tag is an activity in JumpStart Math for First Graders. It is designed to teach addition and subtraction at a first grade level.


Frankie is riding on Amelia Dragonfly's back. A math problem will be displayed on the ground. Three dragonflies will fly by with numbers attached to the ends of their abdomens. The player must click on the dragonfly baring the correct answer.

Difficulty level differences

On the first two levels, flowers will appear on the ground as a hint to the player.

Digital manual description

Play Dragonfly Tag

Digital manual image

Frankie's playing tag with these daring dragonflies. Who's IT? The one with the correct answer to the math question! Help Frankie tag the right dragonfly.

  • You will see three dragonflies fly into the scene. Click on the dragonfly that has the correct answer on it.
  • Here's a hint: When you are on level 1 and level 2, watch the flowers! They will help you count out the correct answer. But when you are on level 3, you are flying on your own!
  • Land four dragonflies to complete one round of flights.
  • When you complete three rounds of flights, you will earn one bone!

SKILLS: Adding, subtracting

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