The Princess is a female human character who appeared in JumpStart Math for Second Graders.


The Princess is a young girl with short purple hair and freckles. Her eyes appear to be a pale bluegreen color for most of the game, although in the song sequences, they appear to be more yellow-green. She wears a light purple dress with a red sash and red sleeves, black shoes, and a light purple hennin with a light blue cointoise.

Personality and Characteristics

The Princess is determined to save her family from Ratso. She is helpful to CJ and Edison, and gives them clues and tips to progress. Sometimes she expresses a more child-like nature, such as expressing giddy excitement at finding out what is inside of treasure chest. Apparently she is very good at finding hiding places around the castle, since she always knows of a place that the royal subjects can hide from Ratso after they've been freed from the mirror.

In the Game

At the beginning of the game, all of the royal subjects except for the Princess are trapped inside of mirror by Ratso. The Princess sends a message to CJ and Edison asking for help. When CJ and Edison arrive, they and the Princess discover what has happened to royal subjects. The Princess explains that they must brew potions to reverse the spell that Ratso cast. As CJ and Edison search the castle to find the ingredients, the Princess gives them tips to navigate the castle and complete the challenges.

In books

In JumpStart 2nd Grade Math Workshop, the Princess appears as a supporting character and is at one point kidnapped by Ratso and saved by CJ. She has a much different design, which includes having blonde hair and a pink dress, and appears to be older.

Voice Samples

2m princess voice
From: JumpStart Math for Second Graders
Voice Credit: Maddie Gatling


  • In the Time song sequence, the Princess appears when there is line that says, "It takes a decade to get from eight to eighteen", which seems to imply that the Princess is eight years old.