Punk-Punks are a type of creature that appear in several JumpStart games.



Sketches of various Punk-Punks from the JumpStart Blog

Punk-Punks are small, round furry creatures. They have large eyes and small feet. Their mouths are typically not visible when closed.

There appear to be two main types of Punk-Punks: the land-dwelling Punk-Punks and water-dwelling Punk-Punks. The water-dwelling Punk-Punks have fish-like fins and live underwater.

Punk-Punks can come in many different colors.


Punk-Punks are described as pesky troublemakers.

In the Games

JumpStart (online game)

Punk-Punks appear as enemies in several places, such as AdventureLand and MarineLand.

JumpStart Deep Sea Escape

Water-dwelling Punk-Punks appear in this game as obstacles.

JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island

Land-dwelling and water-dwelling Punk-Punks appear in this game as obstacles.

JumpStart Crazy Karts

Punk-Punks appear on the obstacles.

JumpStart Punk-Punk Blitz

This is a puzzle game where players have to quickly match up Punk-Punks.