The Queen Bee is a female bee character appearing exclusively in JumpStart Math for First Graders. She lives in Frankie's backyard and is apparently the ruler of the insects and other tiny creatures who live there.


The Queen Bee, though anthropomorphic, is the size of a normal insect. Her face is rather human-like, with what appears to be a long nose pointing upwards and a mole just above her mouth. She has a long neck, black hands, and pale yellow wings. She wears a fancy purple and pink garment on the upper part of her body, a jeweled ring on her finger, and a tall golden crown on her head. Her abdomen has broad, striking yellow and black stripes and is shaped like a dress, ending in a pink plume. Likely in keeping with her abdomen being modified into a dress, her legs are not visible. She is sometimes seem carrying a long golden scepter. She speaks with an English accent.

Personality and Characteristics

The Queen Bee is a regal and authoritative figure. She takes it upon herself to teach those who would bother her subjects (the other bugs and critters in Frankie's backyard) a lesson. She apparently has significant magical ability, considering she was able to shrink Frankie to the size of an insect. She believes the backyard belongs to all the creatures that inhabit it, not just Frankie.

In the Game

At the beginning of the game, after Frankie buries several bones and talks about his love of messing up the backyard, the Queen scolds him and magically shrinks him to insect-size, telling him he will only be restored to normal by making friends with the creatures in his backyard. The rest of the game is spent accomplishing this by playing activities. She does not appear again until the ending of the game.