The Radio is an activity in both the 1994 and 1998 versions of JumpStart Kindergarten.


The 1994 version has four songs and features Mr. Hopsalot and his kindergarten students dancing. The 1998 version has eight songs and is illustrated using a special radio with mechanical puppets.


1994 version

There are four songs.

1998 version

There are eight songs, including the five that were from the 1994 version (including "ABC in Harmony").

Digital manual description

1994 version

Sing along to the music

Click on the stereo to listen to songs with your JumpStart classmates. You can listen to these four different songs: "Monkeys Playing Everywhere," "The Mud Song," "Anatomy," and "Doing What The Animals Do." Click on any of the four pictures on the stereo to hear a new song. To return to the classroom click on the arrow on the upper left hand side of the screen.

Note: All of these songs can be played on your audio compact disc player. Songs are located on Tracks #2-6. Track #1 is not available. Begin listening by playing track #2. The order on the audio player is like this.

  1. (nothing)
  2. "ABC in Harmony"
  3. "Anatomy"
  4. "Doing what the Animals Do"
  5. "Monkeys Playing Everywhere"
  6. "The Mud Song"

1998 version

Sing along for fun! Hopsalot's classroom is full of fun, snappy tunes to sing along - and dance along with. There are eight different songs you can play.

  • Click on any radio button to hear a song and see a fun animation!


  • According to the digital manuals, the 1994 version of the activity is named "Stereo" and the 1998 version is named "Sing- and Dance-Along Radio".

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