Rat Tax is an activity in JumpStart Math for Second Graders. It is designed to money skills at a second grade level.


Ratso has sent his henchman Chunko to make CJ and Edison pay a tax. The proper amount must be given to Chunko for CJ and Edison to proceed.


The scroll shows the amount of money that must be paid. The player must click on the coins or dollar bills in CJ's wallet and drag them to the tax collection box. The amount of money in the box needs to match the amount indicated by the scroll. Once money is put into the box, it can't be taken back out. When the player is finished putting money in the box, they must click on either the quill or CJ. If the box contains an incorrect sum of money, CJ and Edison will be sent to The Dungeon.

Digital manual description

2m rat tax manual

Digital manual image

Ratso not only wants to test your smarts, he wants your money too!

  • Read the scroll.
  • Drag the correct amount of money from your wallet to the tax collection box.
  • Careful! Once you place money in the collection box, you can't drag it back out.
  • When you think you've deposited the right amount, you can click either the henchman's feather or CJ.


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