Reading Rocket is a song that appears in JumpStart Phonics Learning System.


Reading Rocket is one of the reward songs that the player unlocks by earning merit badges. The player can listen to the song at the Camp Readalot Headquarters.


Jsp reading rocket


Does your day sometimes get boring?

Does it ever make you blue?

Would you rather be exploring

Say, the moon or Timbuktu?

Have you ever spent an hour

Sitting staring at your bed?

Did you wish you had the power

To do something fun instead?

Ride the Reading Rocket

It can shoot you to the stars

It can show you what it's like to be on Jupiter and Mars

Ride the Reading Rocket

To a strange and distant shore

With rubber trees and chimpanzees, oh, you'll be bored no more

I can see you're getting tired

Of that same old TV show

If you'd rather be inspired

Then there's something you should know

There's a ticket to adventure

That we often overlook

It's those worlds that we can enter

When we blast off with a book

Ride the Reading Rocket

To another time and place

Where a fat apatosaurus through the forest you can chase

Ride the Reading Rocket

To a land of fantasy

With fairy wings and dragon kings, it's awesome, can't you see?

The Reading Rocket's leaving

You can get on board today

Hey, reading is believing

Grab a book, you're on your way

Song Credits

The song was composed and produced by Dragons, Cranes, and Butterflies pty. ltd., with lyrics by Andy Wolfenden.

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