Red Squares is an activity in JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade: Fundamentals.


In order to secure a gadget piece, the player must defeat agent Lucyanova in a game of Red Squares.


The player and agent Lucyanova take turns moving snowmen across the board. During each turn, only one snowman can be moved one space at a time. The player must click on the snowman they want to move, and then click on the space they want it to move to. To win, the player must get one of their snowmen over to Lucyanova's side of the board, before one of her snowmen gets over to the player's side.

Each snowman carries a card. The cards come in red, yellow, blue, and purple. The first few times the player starts the activity, the cards may have shapes on them, but later on they only have words on them.

Snowmen whose cards have similar characteristics can block each other. The player cannot move their snowman near one of Lucyanova's snowmen if its card has the same color or shape. Words that correlate or belong to the same category can block each other as well. For example, a word can be blocked by its synonym or antonym, and a possessive pronoun can block another possessive pronoun. The player must find a way to maneuver their snowmen to the other side of the board without getting stuck. The player must win against Lucyanova two times in order to complete the activity and get the gadget piece.

This activity has a two-player mode. Both players take turns using the mouse. One player controls CJ's snowmen, and the other player controls Lucyanova's snowmen.

Digital manual description

2ad rusgame manual

Digital manual image

Game Play Instructions

You are in the middle of Moscow when you meet your field agent. She is desperate to play a game of Red Squares with you. The agent wants to test your skills before she gives you the gadget piece. You must move your team of Snowmen across the board and enter the winning zone before she will give you the gadget piece. Use colors to block Agent Lucyanova! Can you outsmart the cunning agent? Play the game and see.

Educational Skill

  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Homophones
  • Past and Present Verbs
  • Plural and Singular Pronouns

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