Ruby is a female bee character who appears exclusively in JumpStart Math for First Graders.


Like other insects in the game, she is the size of a normal insect despite her anthropomorphism. She also has roughly the same shape as a real bee, though her face is relatively human-like and she has two arms and two legs rather than six legs. Her face, legs, and wings are light yellow, she has yellow hair, and her abdomen has three yellow stripes and three black stripes. She wears glasses, a lavender blouse, white gloves, and yellow boots.

Personality and Characteristics

Ruby is a worker bee, giving her a connection to the Queen Bee, though she has a low rank. Ruby is very helpful, cheerful, and enthusiastic. In addition, she has an encouraging, motivational nature. She makes friends with the shrunken Frankie instantly and proceeds to help him frequently. She often makes bee-related puns.

In the Game


Ruby in the "Returning to Regular Size" activity

Ruby serves as a guide for the player, telling him/her about the different activities in each area of the backyard. She also appears in the Returning to Regular Size activity.

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