Seat the Spider Orchestra is an activity appearing in JumpStart Math for First Graders. It teaches counting, skip counting, patterns, and sequencing skills.


The Spider Maestro needs help seating the members of his orchestra. At the bottom of the screen, several spiders are already sitting to form a number pattern with several empty spaces. Some more spiders are floating near the top of the screen. Using the mouse, the player guides a spider seat manager around and clicks to catch one of the spiders with silk, then places it in a space by clicking again (though even before clicking, the seat manager will slowly begin lowering the spider it caught). When three rows are completed, the player earns a bone.

Difficulty level differences

  • Level one: The number pattern will consist either of a simple repeating sequence or of counting.
  • Level two: The numbers are larger, and the patterns consist of counting backwards.
  • Level three: The numbers are even larger, and the patterns consist of numbers with a certain amount added to the next number, such as in skip counting.

Digital manual description

Seat the Spider Orchestra

Digital manual image

The Spider Maestro is trying to get his orchestra into the right sequence so the music can begin. Help him put the spider musicians into the correct seats. Place one of the floating spiders in each of the empty seats.

  • Use your mouse to move the stage manager back and forth on its web.
  • Look at the row of seats the maestro lays out in front of the stage. When you see a spider whose number belongs in the pattern or sequence, move the stage manager, then click on the mouse to catch the spider.
  • Next, help the stage manager to guide the spider to the correct seat.
  • When you correctly line up spiders in three rows of seats, you will earn one bone!

SKILLS: Identifying and completing patterns and sequences, including counting forwards, counting backwards, and skip counting.