JumpStart Kindergarten (1998) - Share Song01:49

JumpStart Kindergarten (1998) - Share Song

Share is a song in the 1998 version of JumpStart Kindergarten. It is on the radio.


If you see some toys you like

And they belong to me

I may let you play with them

Cause you're my friend, you see


I'll share with you

You share with me

You share with me

And I'll share with you

Cause when I share

I care about you

And that's what good friends do

A mamma jay-bird bring to nest

A worm for baby jay

Cause she loves that little bird

To share is nature's way

Back to chorus

Pretend you had some roller blades,

A book, a ball or two

If you let me borrow one

Then I could play with you

Back to chorus

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