Sir Sournote is the main antagonist of JumpStart Music.


Sir Sournote has green skin, purple eyelids, blue hair and a blue goatee, and a dark green mustache and eyebrows. He always has pale yellow-green earplugs in his ears. Several of his teeth have vertical black bars which makes them resemble piano keys.


Sir Sournote despises music.

In the Game

Sir Sournote is determined to ruin music in the Land of Music. He sours all of the musical notes, which makes the music sound terrible. Hopsalot sets out to foil his plan by collecting the sour notes and bringing them to the concert hall to make them sweet again. Sir Sournote will sometimes appear in cutscenes where he views Hopsalot with a crystal ball.


  • "Why anyone loves music I just haven't got a clue!"


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