Sparks stadium above

Viewing Sparks Stadium from above

The Sparks Stadium is a location in JumpStart Typing. It is screen from which the user can access the game's activities. The user can also access the Keyboard Training Center by clicking on Botley.

Areas and Activities

Keyboard Training Center

This is where the player can train. There are lessons, timed typing tests, and a free type mode.

Roller Racing Competition

Help your teammate make it around the track while avoiding the Track Tricksters. Type the letters you see to move the teammate around the track and avoid Track Tricksters.

Keyboard Kick Stadium

Play a soccer-like game. Type the letters that appear above a column of players to move them. Try to kick the ball into the other team's goal while defending yours.

Trailblazer Snowboard Course

As your teammate snowboards down the course, type the letters that appear above them to help them maneuver. If you don't type quickly enough or type a wrong key, your teammate will wipe out. You must get all your teammates through the course to win.


Guide your partner to the top of Mount Keys by typing the letters on the grip that you want to use next. Avoid the Wall Crawlers.

Fans' Stadium

Type the letters on the fans' cards to turn them over. Each time you turn over a card, it reveals part of a picture or message.


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