The Spider Maestro is a male spider character appearing exclusively in JumpStart Math for First Graders. He lives in Frankie's backyard.


The Spider Maestro is about the size of a real spider, and he also possesses eight legs. He has a cream-colored face with a mouse and eyes, but no nose, and purple hair that's parted down the middle. He wears a fancy suit with a red bow tie.

Personality and characteristics

The Spider Maestro conducts an orchestra of spiders, but as (like all spiders) he has no ears, his music tends to be terrible unless he has assistance. Interestingly, his lack of ears does not prevent him from understanding what others are saying and participating in conversations. He constantly speaks in rhyme.

In the Game

The Spider Maestro observes that Frankie possesses ears and recruits him to help him seat the spider orchestra.