Pres-new stars and moon 2
Pres-new stars moon stamp

The Stars and Moon stamp

The Stars and Moon is a location and song in JumpStart Preschool (1999). It is a place that the player can take a magical train ride to.

The song also appears in JumpStart Jukebox.

Features and Stamp

The Stars and Moon looks like a rocky area with streetlamps and buildings. During the day, the sun comes out. During the night, a crescent moon and five dancing stars come out.

The stamp that appears in the player's passport after visiting looks like a yellow crescent moon with a face and four green stars.


Verse 1

Hey, step right up and see our play

And meet our star, the Sun

"The blue sky is my stage all day"

But then, when day is done…

Verse 2

The sky puts on a different face

And sings a different tune

A different kind of play takes place

It stars the stars and moon

Bridge 1

Dark nights, bright lights

We’ll take you to new heights

Bridge 2

Night time, stars shine

Out on the Milky Way

Verse 3

The stars and moon, we sing our tune

Across the sky we dance

Then pretty soon, make way for noon…

"Once more it’s my big chance!"


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