StoryLand is a location that appears in modern JumpStart games.


StoryLand's features are mainly aimed at preschoolers. There are five main areas in StoryLand, each with their own sub-locations and activities.

  • My Neighborhood
    • The Learning House
    • The Dressing Tent
    • The Art House
    • My House
    • Picture Boards
    • The Movie House
    • Flower Pots
    • The Library
    • Music Players
  • Town Square
    • The Grocery Store
    • The Music House
    • Musical Caverns
    • Truck Parades
  • Pet Land
    • Pet Tent
    • Grooming Station
    • Pet Diner
    • Pet Stage
    • Pet Park
  • The Beach
    • The Submarine
    • Eleanor’s Catch Game
    • Pierre’s Flute Game
  • The Jungle
    • Kisha’s Canoe Ride
    • CJ’s Jungle Caverns
    • Fishing Hut
    • Hops’ Hide and Seek


In the Games

JumpStart Advanced Preschool: StoryLand

JumpStart (online game)

StoryLand is one of the accessible areas, and is intended for ages 3-5.

JumpStart Junior

StoryLand is one of the primary locations where the game takes place.


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