Teddy is a male teddy bear character who first appeared in JumpStart Baby (1998).


In JumpStart Baby (1998), Teddy is mostly brown, while his snout, belly, palms, and foot soles are cream-colored. He has a brown nose and blue eyes.

In JumpStart Baby (2000), Teddy's fur was changed to a pale brown color, and his eyes became brownish-green. His forehead also became a little higher and his torso a little slimmer, and he lacks the lighter areas on his palms and foot soles.

In the Games

JumpStart Baby (1998)

Teddy serves as the player's guide. He will give the player instructions on how to play the games. He also appears in many of the games himself. In "Where's Teddy?", the player plays hide and seek with Teddy. In "Dress Teddy", the player helps Teddy dress appropriately for the weather.

JumpStart Baby (2000)

Teddy appears in nine different activities. He gives instructions on how to play.

Voice Samples

Baby98 teddy voice
From: JumpStart Baby (1998)
Voice Credit: Grey DeLisle