The ABC Toadstools is a song that appears in JumpStart Toddlers (2000).


The ABC Toadstools plays when the player clicks on the musical note icon while at the ABC Toadstools activity screen.

It is designed to teach the alphabet.


This song was reused in World of JumpStart, where it can be listen to on the Jukebox. In this game, the song's title appears as "Letters of the Alphabet" instead.


Jst2000 abc toadstools


A, B. There's C!

What's a word that starts with C?


D, E and F.

What's a word that starts with G?


Do you know the letters,

Letters of the alphabet?

Are there some you haven't met?

Here's the place you'll get to know them...

Here are H! I! J!

What comes after that?




L, M, N, then there's O and P

Do you have a fav'rite letter?

How about Q? R? S?

Each one that I see gets better.

T, U. There's V!

What's a word that starts with V?


W, X, Y. Now we reach the end.

Here's Z!


Look at all the letters,

Letters of the alphabet.

Do you think you know them yet?

You can name them all, I bet!

Try it so you won't forget!

A, B and C...

What comes after that?



You've got it!

Song Credits

Composed and produced by Randy Hale

Lyrics by Adryan Russ

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