The Alphabet Song is a song that first appeared in JumpStart Preschool: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose?. It was also included in JumpStart ABC's and JumpStart Jukebox.


In JumpStart Preschool: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose?, the song plays after Eleanor sees that Kisha is painting her letters. In JumpStart ABC's, a sing-along sequence for the song can be played at the Bandstand.

The song is intended to teach the alphabet.


A is for an airplane flying through the sky

B is for a basketball (Pierre: That basket`s too high!)

C is for the caboose, the last car on the track

D is for a dog who really wants a snack!

E is for an elephant (Eleanor: I try not to forget!)

F is for our favorite frog (CJ: CJ here! I don`t believe we`ve met!))

G is for a gong that we like to play

H is for a hat the wind just blew away! (Edison: There goes me lucky hat!)

I is for some ice. Put it in a glass.

J is for some juice (Don't drink it too fast!)

K is for koala. (Preschool Gang: Kisha, let us in!)

L is for a light. (Preschool Gang: Look, it`s Edison!)

M is for a moon. (Cecil: Plaaah, this isn't cheese!)

N is for a nose. (Cecil: I think I'm going to sneeze!)

O is for an onion. (Pierre: They always make me cry!)

P is for a pizza. (Casey: My favorite kind of pie!)

Q is for a quilt, cuddly, soft and warm!

R is for a rhino. Watch out for that horn!

S is for a sailboat, sailing on the sea

T is for a trunk. (Eleanor: What do you want to be?)

U is for umbrella. It helps to keep me dry.

V is for a violin. (Hopsalot: Watch my fingers fly!)

W is for a watermelon. Spit out all the seeds!

X is for an x-ray. (Kisha: Look inside of me!)

Y is for a yodel. (CJ: Yodel-ay-ee-hoo!) Watch the snow fall down.

Z is for a zipper. What a zippy sound!


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