The Cave is a song in JumpStart 2nd Grade.


This is one of the songs that can be listened to in the Jukebox activity. It costs $0.68 to hear.


2G cave song


I took a hike down rocky gorge

A couple of years ago

I called my name to the canyon walls

Just to hear my voice echo

But then I heard an answer, it was such an eerie sound

So I climbed on down the gully

To where it came from down below

I found a cave behind a rock

I called out, "Who's there?"

I heard that chilling sound again

Should I go in, do I dare?

I crawled inside the cavern

Couldn't see a thing inside

Would I find a raccoon or a skunk

Or a hungry bear?

I heard that spooky sound once more

Didn't know what it could be

I knew that I was not alone

But there was no one I could see

Again I ask, "Who's there?"

But the dark gave no reply

So I turned around and climbed back out

When something touched me

My heart pound fast, my throat was dry

I had to get away

So I quickly crawled out to the light

And ran home all the way

I still don't really know

What was in that darkened cave

A monster or a savage beast

It's still a mystery today


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