The Elders are five characters from JumpStart Reading for Second Graders.

The elders are gaurdians of the city of Ursulab. A long time ago, the city was attacked by thieves. In order to protect Ursulab, the elders turned themselves into five jewels and allowed themselves to be stolen. After the elders were taken from Ursulab, the city vanished. In order for Ursulab to be restored, all of the elders would need to be reunited again.

The First Elder

2r first elder 1

The first elder is a woman with gray hair in a beehive hairstyle. She wears pink robes. She is calm and wise. She is the one who instructs CJ and Edison to find rest of the jewels and talk to the other elders.

The Second Elder

2r second elder 1

The second elder is a portly man with gray hair in a bowl haircut. He wears a blue robe with short sleeves over a white robe with long sleeves. He is cheerful and humorous. He jokes that out of all the elders, he's the handsome one. He says that his name is Josephus, but his friends call him Joe. This makes him the only elder to have a given name in the game.

The Third Elder

2r the third elder 1

The third elder is a man with shoulder length brown hair and a goatee. He wears a green robe. He seems excitable and energetic, and he gets very passionate when recalling the events of Ursulab. Edison remarks that he doesn't seem old enough to be an elder.

The Fourth Elder

2r fourth elder

The fourth elder is a woman with red hair in a bun and glasses. She wears an orange robe and a red cape. She seems formal and scholarly.

The Fifth Elder

2r fifth elder

The fifth elder is a man with long gray hair. He wears a purple robe. He is summoned when Dr. Listick and his henchman Stanley place the last diamond into the tablet after forcing CJ to hand them over. The fifth elder then proclaims that there is one final test that must take place which requires the hand of the one who is worthy to be placed into the tablet, which it turns out can only be done by CJ. At the end of the game, the fifth elder congratulates CJ and gives him a library card for Ursulab's library. He also turns the Dr. Listick and Stanley into jewel statues.