The Magic Train is a male train character that appears in JumpStart Preschool (1999).


The Magic Train is gold and silver with brown eyes and brown eyebrows. He has a driver's cab and a tall smoke stack. His front wheels are able to act somewhat like hands and make gestures. He is occasionally depicted with one passenger car attached behind him.

In Games

JumpStart Preschool (1999)

The Magic Train can take the player on a magical train ride. Once the player collects four train tickets by completing activities, he or she is sent to the station, where The Magic Train will prompts the player to pick a place to go to. When the player clicks on a tunnel, The Magic Train will go to that location.

The Magic Train also appears at the sign-in screen and front yard of the schoolhouse, where he gives the player instructions. He also appears on the difficulty levels adjustment screen for the Wagon and Balls activity.


  • "Ready for another trip? Just click on any tunnel, and off we go!" - from JumpStart Preschool (1999)