The Musical Waterfall is a song that first appeared in JumpStart Toddlers (2000).


The Musical Waterfall plays when the player clicks on the musical note icon while at the Musical Waterfall activity screen.


The song was reused in World of JumpStart. It is one of the songs that can be listened to on the Jukebox, where it is retitled as "My Waterfall".


Jst2000 musical waterfall


Hear the water...

As it falls.

It's a melody that's playing

While the birds all sing along.

Just like drops of rain

On your window pane,

A simple, gentle song.

Hear the water...

As it falls

How it sparkles as it's flowing.

Do you wonder where it's going?

It's a violin, on the summer wind.

A music waterfall

Playing a song.

Song Credits

Composed and produced by Randy Hale

Lyrics by Adryan Russ

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