The Race is a song in JumpStart 2nd Grade.


"The Race" is one of the songs that can be listened to in the Jukebox activity. It costs $0.75 to hear.


2G race song


I'll be running down the football field

In a race today

I've been working out and training hard

I think I run okay

I hear the coach say,

"Runners on your mark!"

I hope I win first place

The coach moves his hand up in the air

Yells, "Go!" to start the race

Laurie's on my left, Rachael's on my right

Another girl takes a great big leap

I'm thinking in my mind

Don't wanna fall behind

I have to increase my speed


Go, girl, go, go, go, I can run fast I know x2

As we round the bend, we're coming to the end

I'm trying to increase my running pace

We're moving side by side, maybe we'll be tied

No! I won the race!

Chorus repeats

I can run fast I know!


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