The Sabotaged Site is an activity and location in JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective. There are six sites targeted by the dastardly Dr. X.

First Visit

The crossword reveals the address of a place that has been sabotaged. Upon arrival, the player must pick the lock by solving a math puzzle in order to open it. On the first mission, Martin explains that the glasses can be used to read the minds of the thugs. The player then plays a grammar game where they find the correct part of speech to go into the thugs' dialog. Their thoughts reveal the way to get to a bomb planted in each of the sabotaged locations.

Second Visit

Upon the second visit to sabotaged site, Jo Hammet uses the items to get to the bomb without getting hurt. To disable the bomb, the player must play a decimal game where they attempt to make the number in one box equal to the number in the target box using a little android. Players must maneuver carefully to avoid running into defense androids that can immediately set the bomb off should a defense android touch the player's android. If the bomb goes off, Jo appears on the screen and, breaking the fourth wall, informs the player that this can't happen in an educational product and the game resets.

Once the bomb has been successfully disarmed, Jo Hammet returns to the museum and gets a new crossword from B.F. Skinny, and the next mission begins.

The sites

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