The Spelling Bee at Spelling Bob's Corral is a song that appears in JumpStart Phonics Learning System.


The Spelling Bee at Spelling Bob's Corral is one of the reward songs that the player unlocks by earning merit badges. The player can listen to the song at the Camp Readalot Headquarters.


Jsp spelling bee

Song Lyrics

Outside a dusty old café

Called Spellin' Bob's Corral

Two desperadoes met one day

You couldn't call them pals

Well, you could, but you'd be fibbin'.

One cowpoke to the other said,

"You callin' me a fool?

You'd better call your mother, Fred,

We're gonna have a duel."

And that's not some new dance.

"A contest between you and me?

There ought to be a law.

But that's the way it's gotta be,

So count to three and draw."

And out came their spelling books.

"Looks like I'll be goin' first,"

The faster cowboy said.

"I'll go ahead and do my worst -

The word to spell is bed."

Oooooo, tough one.

"B-e-d spells bed, and that

Is no beginner's luck

You'd better hold onto your hat -

The word for you is duck."

Quack, quack, pardner.

"That's d-u-c-k - duck, my friend.

I knew it all along"

Now stick around to hear the end

Of this here cowboy song.

It was the spelling bee

The spelling bee

The spelling bee at Spellin' Bob's Corral

Spelling's easy, so you've heard?

That's not the way we tell it

It's one thing just to say a word

It's another thing to spell it.

I can spell it. I-T.

To spell a word and spell it right

You must know every letter

But if you practice every night

We promise you'll get better.

I did.

Now those two cowboys duked it out

They spelled with all their smarts

We've never seen a spelling bout

Like that around these parts

Or any parts, come to think.

One cowboy said at last, "Hey gee,

We're both so tired and muddy.

You love spelling, same as me

Why can't we just be buddies?"

Sounds like f-u-n.

And ever since that fateful day

They got on super swell

If you meet 'em down at Bob's they'll say

"Come on and set a spell."

... "Come on and set a spell."

Song Credits

The song was composed and produced by Dragons, Cranes, and Butterflies pty. ltd., with lyrics by Andy Wolfenden.

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